Is Your Computer Protected Against Virus’s And Malware?

There is no need to say that data security is important. Everybody knows that, everybody agrees. On the other hand, knowledge that ‘admin1’ and ‘password1’ are not strong login credentials is also pretty common…but that doesn’t mean they are not still among the most commonly used. The trick is to treat IT security seriously and as a top priority.

Prevention is better than cure. Good security monitoring can detect anomalies and prevent or stop an attack before it does serious damage.

IT infrastructure can be infected with malware in many ways, for example by email attachments, links or removable devices. To decrease this risk, companies should implement anti-malware software and ensure their employees are trained in IT security and aware of risks associated to opening an email from an unknown sender.

Technology changes quickly, as do the tools and methods used by hackers. Not only might you lose data, money and damage your reputation, but a business operating in the EU could also fall foul of GDPR rules. IT security is an important investment, and there are no shortcuts.

If you cannot afford to hire an in-house team of qualified people, consider outsourcing your security to an external company or buying products and services only from vendors which have experience, knowledge and a security team on board. Do not let the hackers win!

What Worry-Free Business Security Protection can do for you!

What do you get!



100% SaaS

Complete SaaS solution with no servers to install or maintain, ever.

Endpoint Security

Detection, response, and investigation capabilities within a single agent Secures Windows (desktops and servers), Mac, iOS, and Android devices by infusing high-fidelity machine learning into a blend of threat protection techniques for the broadest protection against ransomware and advanced attacks

Email Security

Secures Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office365, and any other email solution in real time
Stops targeted attacks, spam, phishing, viruses, spyware, and inappropriate content from impacting your business
Includes our latest Business Email Compromise and Credential Phishing capabilities

Collaboration Security

Protects online collaboration tools from unknown threats and secures company data from intentional and accidental loss . (SharePoint, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive)

Licensing and Protection Services

The license endpoint covers 3 devices per user:
1 Computer, 1 Tablet, and 1 Phone.



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