Is That Really a Text from Your CEO... or Is It a Scam?  

Imagine you’re going about your day when you get a text from the CEO.

They’re out doing customer visits and need you to buy some gift cards.

This is a high priority. The CEO needs the card details urgently.

Would this kind of request make you pause and wonder?

Would you quickly pull out your credit card to do as asked?

A surprising number of employees fall for this gift card scam.

Without proper training, 32.4% of employees are prone to fall for a phishing scam.

Why Do Employees Fall for Phishing Scams?

  • They are afraid of not doing as asked by a superior
  • They jump at the chance to save the day
  • They don’t want to let their company down
  • They may feel they can advance in their career by helping

Tips for Avoiding Costly Phishing Scams

  • Always Double Check Unusual Requests
  • Don’t React Emotionally
  • Get a Second Opinion

Need Help with Employee Phishing Awareness Training?

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