Our Most Trusted Ally For Over 15 Years!

Geek To You Technology has been our most trusted ally for over 15 years, and they have helped us grow tremendously. Since moving to their Worry-Free IT Managed Services Plan, the most significant benefit has been the increased productivity. We no longer spend our time managing IT components ourselves, allowing us to focus on growing our business.

Both companies were smaller at the beginning of our partnership, but as our IT needs have increased tenfold over 15+ years, Geek To You has always been there to help us solve our problems. We have never once thought about switching to another IT service.

If someone were on the fence about choosing Geek To You Technology as their IT firm, I would tell them about our positive experience and stress how essential a good IT service is to growing and maintaining a business. Geek To You has been an invaluable partner to us, and we are grateful for their support.

Harry Fallon Fallon’s Home and Hearth Inc.,
Hampton NH

Cytracom Business Phones - a game-changer!

Switching to Cytracom Business Phones has been a big improvement for our company. The biggest advantage has been the convenience of one-touch connections to our various sites, simplifying our operations and boosting efficiency. But the real surprise has been the transcription of phone messages – a feature we didn't anticipate. It's saved us valuable time and made communication a breeze, which has been well worth the investment.

What truly sets Cytracom apart from other vendors is their outstanding customer support. Unlike our previous experience with large corporations, Cytracom provides the personal touch. Whenever we have questions or encounter issues, we can talk to a real person who's ready to assist promptly. This level of support has been a breath of fresh air.

If you're on the fence about choosing Cytracom for your VoIP needs, I advise you to consider it. The phone system offers a range of options that are impossible with a traditional phone line, like the smartphone app for on-the-go connectivity. Just ensure you have a reliable internet connection for seamless service. In summary, Cytracom has not only improved our communications but also our overall business efficiency. It's an investment that pays off.

Jaymie Chagnon Executive Director
Strafford Nutrition Meals on Wheels

Unwavering Commitment and Friendly Personalities Set Them Apart!

Geek To You Technology has brought an immense sense of relief to our agency since we lacked IT and cybersecurity expertise. Their immediate understanding and support, coupled with their ability to communicate IT matters in plain English without judgment, have made our IT transition not only manageable but enjoyable.

Their friendly personalities, efficient organization, and unwavering commitment to delivering results set them apart from other IT firms we've worked with in the past. When they say they'll get something done, it's done quickly, and they hold us accountable and keep us on track. I wholeheartedly recommend Geek To You to any business in need of IT and cybersecurity support; they've made a significant difference for us and can do the same for others.

Joel Morris Life Visions LLC
Atkinson NH

All my IT issues are 100% resolved.

So happy that I found Geek To You! It all started with one of my customer service reps falling victim to ransom ware. They were able to quickly diagnose our attack, resolve it thoroughly, and return our computer to working order. Since then all of my personal and business machines are only serviced by Geek To You, both Apple and PC products. Not only are they able to resolve cyber-attacks issues, but they also restore our machines to better than working order.  Now I can work efficiently and headache free. I find them very reasonable, responsive, and great at keeping me up to date on the progress of each project. In today’s world, you cannot go for very long without your computer. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, and I would highly recommend them. Thanks to Geek to You I feel secure and confident that all my IT issues are 100% resolved.

Ingrid Ingrid Johnson Operations Manager
UVEX Sport Inc.
Haverhill, MA

Quick to respond, thorough, efficient!

Geek To You offers the technical support I need as well as the efficient, friendly and knowledgeable customer support I demand for my business.  They are always able to provide quick and complete support either on site or remotely! I feel confident that I never need to worry about unnecessary downtime with "Geek" on my team. I am more than happy to have anyone contact me for a personal reference.

Priscilla Priscilla Carpenter Owner and C.F.A
Seacoast Bookkeeping, LLC

Peace Of Mind 24/7 – Invaluable

If we need help troubleshooting an issue or finding a tech solution to bring us to the next level, Geek To You is our go-to place.  Rather than just repair and move on like most of our previous providers, they provide proactive planning and create prevention strategies to keep us in business. We don’t worry about loss of revenue due to unforeseen technology issues. Think about how much your time is worth and what else you should be doing instead of dealing with your business IT needs/issues.

To us, the benefit of partnering with Geek To You for our IT needs is absolutely worth the cost. We now have the peace of mind that our IT needs are covered, and that peace of mind is invaluable

Stacie Stacie Marston Office Manager
Epping and Exeter Septic Tank Service
Epping NH

Professional and Friendly Service That Makes All The Difference!

The support and response time provided by Geek To You is amazing! Knowing that if we have an IT problem, it will not impede us in providing our services is invaluable. They understand our network, IT needs, and the resources required to keep our systems running smoothly. When replacing or upgrading equipment, they provide best fit solutions for a reasonable cost and in a timely manner.

Compared to other companies, their professional and friendly service makes all the difference! If you are looking for a local seacoast IT firm, we highly recommend you contact Geek To You.

Dianne Dianne Thompson Business Administrator
Community Church of Durham, NH

Help Anytime We Need It!

We love that Geek to You will come and help us anytime we need them and do so in a timely manner! This makes my job as office manager so much easier and worry free. Different from other IT firms we’ve worked with, they demonstrate a willingness to provide support on-site or remotely ensuring our computers continue to operate and unnecessary downtime is avoided.

I highly recommend Norm & Geek To You. They will work with you to streamline your office and increase efficiencies. They do this without being pushy about what services they can offer.  It feels like they sincerely want to help us do the things we need to do.

Whitney Whitney Nelsen Office Manager
Graystone Builders of Maine