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As a public service to all of the NH Seacoast and surrounding regions, throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, Geek To You Technology will be sending out regular updates, videos, how-to's, and security advice on how to safely work from home. Click here to subscribe.

US Chamber of Commerce: CARES ACT

Coronavirus Emergency Loan Checklist: Click the link below to access a PDF with details regarding the CARES Act courtesy of Creative Planning. You can also access their website.

Disaster Recovery Checklist:

90 Day Financial Planning:

Meet with your CPA and/or Controller/Accountant and create a financial plan for the next 90 days. Re-evaluate this plan every 1-2 weeks to see if you need to adjust.

Stress-test your cash! Alan Miltz’ SaaS tool for managing cash – no charge for 3 months – stress test your cash with just 6 numbers from your financials.

Consider adding an expense line item called COVID-19 and dump off all expenses in there including your staff and personal time spent dealing with a crisis – this 30-second video by Ron Lovett, author of Outrageous Empowerment, will explain why it will make it easier to apply for government assistance if and when it comes available.

How To Get Financial Relief

COVID-19 FAQs on Federal Labor And Employment Laws